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In celebration of the release of Dawson's Creek season 1 on DVD, Wayne's Episode Guide season one is back. Questions about our return are answered in this FAQ.

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Season One (1998)

 1. Emotions in Motion (Pilot) January 20 [transcript]
 2. Dirty Dancing (Dance) January 27 [transcript]
 3. A Prelude to a Kiss (Kiss) February 3 [transcript]
 4. Carnal Knowledge (Discovery) February 10 [transcript]
 5. Blown Away (Hurricane) February 12 [transcript]
 6. Look Who's Talking (Baby) February 24 [transcript]
 7. Breakfast Club (Detention) March 3 [transcript]
 8. Escape from New York (Boyfriend) March 10 [transcript]
 9. In the Company of Men (Road Trip) March 17 [transcript]
10. Modern Romance (Double Date) April 24 [transcript]
11. The Scare May 5 [transcript]
12. Pretty Woman (Beauty Contest) May 12 [transcript]
13. Breaking Away (Decisions) May 21 [transcript]

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